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Long-Term TV/Video Watching Risks Infants

Long-Term TV

Pediatricians and child development specialists are being confronted by parents saying, that their children are showing symptoms of language development delay, poor facial expressions and lack of eye contact. They have discovered that these children tend to have prolonged exposure to mass media (suc[…] [Read More]

Baby Walker    (We do not recommend the use of Baby Walker.)


Beware of accident Baby walkers are being sold and used in Japan. Canada has banned the selling of baby walkers for ten years. In the USA only one type is allowed to be sold. Baby walkers have been banned because they frequently fall over and the babies fall out, causing head injuries and sometimes […] [Read More]

Soft chairs (We do not recommend the use of soft chairs.)

The use of soft chairs is not recommended. That’s because it does not train your baby to sit properly. Even if a 3-4 month old baby seems able to sit on a soft chair, it does not necessarily mean that the baby can already sit upright. This happens only because the soft chair tends to wrap around and[…] [Read More]

Well-baby check-ups

There are kinds of well-baby check-ups. Home visit and check-ups by midwives New mothers may feel anxious because they are not used to life at home with their new baby Please submit the yellow postcard in your boshi-techo (maternal and child health handbook) to the ward office (kuyakusho) or health […] [Read More]