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Do you need an interpreter or a translator in Sapporo?

When you have trouble reading Japanese documents, when you apply to a nursery for your child at a health center, when you have to meet with  Japanese nursery staff, etc. you may want to have a translator or interpreter to help you out.  We will introduce three support desks in Sapporo that can help […] [Read More]

How to use sterilized solution

How to use sterilized solution for baby bottles and nipples Milton and Milkpon are solutions to sterilize baby bottles and nipples. Milton is very similar to Milkpon and very simple to understand with pictures, the website is, At the website, there are 3 simple st[…] [Read More]

The “My Number”マイナンバー Individual Number system is about to begin in Japan

The Individual Numbers(マイナンバー), each one unique to its holder, are important because they are required for procedures at municipal offices, etc. Starting at October 2015, your municipality has mailed an envelope to your residence (at the address registered therewith). The envelope contains a “Notifi[…] [Read More]

Pediatric emergency telephone consultation programs (abbreviated dial “#8000”) in Japanese in English, translated by google  If you are not sure if you should take your sick child to the hospital / clinic or do not and need to know how you should take care […] [Read More]

How to clean an Umbilical Cord

Under Construction… [Read More]