Registration of Birth and Subsidies

Birth Notification in Sapporo


When a baby is born, several registrations are needed in Japan: Visit your ward office soon after the baby is born. Have Ⅰ―1 to Ⅰ―6 processes done there. For Ⅰ―7 you don’t need to do anything at the ward office. Just wait until a postcard is sent to you. Next visit the regional immigration office fo[…] [Read More]

Child Allowance


Child Allowance, Jidou-teate 【児童手当て】 This allowance is available for those who are raising a child of junior high school age or younger. You will get 15,000 yen per month if your child is under 3 years of age. Please apply at the ward office (kuyakusho) within 15 days of your baby being born. Since […] [Read More]

Child Medical Expenses Subsidy


Child Medical Expenses Subsidy 【子ども医療費助成】 Sapporo city offers medical subsidies for children up to the age of 12 years. *This card is called “Pink card”.However you have to pay for your first visit to the doctor. For example: pre-school children ¥580 for hospital,  and ¥510 for dentist. (For both ou[…] [Read More]