Immunizations for Children

English version of booklet of “Vaccination and Children’s Health 2018”

You can download the English version of booklet of “Vaccination and Children’s Health 2018” (予防接種と子どもの健康 Yobo-Setsyu to Kodomono-Kenko) at Foundation of Vaccination Research Center【財団法人予防接種リサーチセンター】   *In the middle of this page, you wil[…] [Read More]

Vaccination Schedule chart

“Vaccination Schedule Recommended by Japan Pediatric Society” Please refer to Japan Pediatric Society, to obtain up-to date information.  Vaccination Schedule Recommended by the Japan Pediatrics Society as of August 1, 2018 (in English)  Vaccination Schedule (日本小児学会推奨ワクチンスケジュール)as of August 1, 2018 […] [Read More]

Special Circumstances on Tuberculosis and BCG in Japan

As a result of the decline in the number of tuberculosis patients in North America and West Europe, BCG is no more provided in these areas. However, BCG is still one of the routine vaccines in Japan, because the number of tuberculosis patients ranks at the middle level among the world. Besides, the […] [Read More]

Vaccination questionnaire(英日併記乳幼児予防接種予診票)

Please use the English-Japanese questionnaires below for your child when s/he gets vaccinated. Read the “Vaccination and Children’s Health 2017” (予防接種と子どもの健康 Yobo-Setsyu to Kodomono-Kenko) first before filling out the form(s). The color of the questionnaire corresponds to each vaccination.  (Refer t[…] [Read More]

Hepatitis B vaccine will be provided free of charge to children under 12 months

Beginning October 1, 2016, children born after April 1st 2016 and are currently under 1 year of age are eligible for the Hepatitis B vaccination(HBV). The Hep B vaccination is required to be taken in three doses before the age of 1 year old. The first vaccination at 2 months, the second at 3 months […] [Read More]

Vaccine Prices : updated 2016

Vaccinations given only at Public Health Centers in Sapporo City free of charge BCG vaccine : given once at 5 months (between the age of 5 months and 7) should be under 12 months of age. Routine Vaccinations given at hospitals and clinics of your choice Vaccinations are free for children by followin[…] [Read More]

Immunization Information from the Public Health Office

The natural immunity that a mother passes onto her baby starts to decrease soon after birth. A baby’s immunity to whooping cough and chickenpox, for example, is said to decrease naturally by the age of 3 months and measles by 1 year. After this period your baby’s immune system will start to produce […] [Read More]

Free routine immunization against chicken pox will begin from October 1, 2014.

To find out which hospitals/clinics are offering the vaccine, please call your local hospital/clinic or check their homepage. Since some medical institutions require an appointment, please call in advance. Eligible age: 1 to 2 years (until the day before the child’s 3rd birthday)” Number of sh[…] [Read More]

WHO Vaccine Preventable Diseases Monitoring System

Get to know the vaccination schedule in your country: It is very important to know your child’s vaccination schedule in your country. WHO is offering information of each country’s immunization schedules. Check the site “WHO Vaccine Preventable Diseases Monitoring System”[…] [Read More]

Vaccination Information in your country

Before you make plan and reservation, please make sure what kind of vaccines are required when you go home. Do you know what kind of vaccinations are “recommended and required” in your country? If you don’t, then you must try to find out. You can find out these information in the WHO web[…] [Read More]

What is Inactivated Polio Vaccine?

What is Inactivated Polio Vaccine? 1. What are polio virus and poliomyelitis? Poliomyelitis is caused by polio virus which enters orally and establishes infection in the intestine. Reproduced polio viruses are excreted in the stool and infect others orally again. In most cases, infections have no cl[…] [Read More]

Polio Vaccination

Inactive Polio Vaccination services begin Starting in September 1 (Saturday) 2012, the previous type of polio vaccine which is Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) was changed to Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV). Therefore, the vaccinations will not be given in groups at health centers, but individually at desig[…] [Read More]