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To all international citizens living in Sapporo,
Welcome to the SEMI (Sapporo English Medical Interpreters’ Group) website.
SEMI is an organization composed of individuals who strive to help the international community in Sapporo, Japan, by providing medical interpreters for your hospital and clinic visits. [Read More]


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Sapporo Childcare Guide 2018 in English


Sapporo Childcare Guide 2018 in English さっぽろ子育てガイド 平成30年度版 The English version of the Sapporo Childcare Guide 2018 , “Sapporo Kosodate Gaido Heisei 30 nendo-ban” by the City of Sapporo was uploaded on i-Kohoshi (i広報誌).   Contact: Sapporo International Plaza Foundation TEL: 011-211-2105 [Read More]